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Remembering Quantum Link

The Internet is a wide-open playground, with all sorts of ways to communicate with other people anywhere else in the world. Not all that long ago, it was very different. Continue reading

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Dates are precious when you have kids

When you’ve got kids, their welfare drives many decisions. One of those is getting a chance to have a night out with just you and your spouse. Some people are lucky enough to be able to just call a babysitter and go out regularly. Others of us have kids with a litany of medical issues, and can’t just pick a babysitter from a list of the ones that your friends use. (Of course, others simply can’t afford a babysitter.) Continue reading

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Blogging for Babies

I’ve got a number of stories that I have written, deleted, rewritten and written again that I will touch up and post here about what we went through with our first son. I’ll add more stories about what we went through and continue to go through with our second son. But I’ll also talk about an amazing, important organization that I support and would appreciate if you supported them as well. I’m talking about the March of Dimes. Continue reading

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On September 11, 2001, my wife and I were running a little late for dropping The Kid off and getting to work. We had The Today Show on the TV because Willard Scott was supposed to be wishing my step-grandmother (along with a host of others) a happy 100th birthday. By about 8:35-8:40, we were ready and Willard hadn’t been on yet, so I set the VCR (remember them? pre-DVR?) to record NBC and we headed out the door. Continue reading

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