As Time Goes By….

Two and a half more months have passed without a post. It’s funny how, while I used to be so prolific between MousePlanet and here, there just doesn’t seem to be as much time for writing that’s unrelated to my day job. That’s not by design, but it just seems to be what’s happening.

Over the summer, we’ve dealt with the scheduling craziness of my son’s theater and rock band camp rehearsals, our family vacation (the first in recent memory where—not only did I not have to worry about writing anything while we were away—I didn’t have to feel guilty for not writing), the start of my son’s 10th grade school year, and more.

Things at work have been heating up as we prepare for finally being brought into the IT Transformation restructuring and brought from our current agency into becoming part of the statewide ITS organization. There’s a great deal of uncertainty for me in this transition—more than most—because the majority of my staff will be absorbed into various different statewide groups, leaving me with much less on my plate. I’m in the process of trying to work out what the best role will be for me moving forward. Time will tell. I have a feeling that the IT Transformation may be very rough in the short term, with a lot of upheaval, but that the eventual end result will be quite positive. We just have to keep adjusting and pushing through the rough spots.

My wife’s office has been shuffled a bit as well. She ended up with a promotion out of it, which is wonderful, but it has definitely increased the stress factor and workload for her already-more-than-full-time job. The next year or two in her office will likely prove very interesting.

Meanwhile, I’m now down about 35 pounds since March, and since I started tracking measurements in May I’m down 5 inches on my waist, 4-5/8 inches on my hips, and 1-1/8 inches on my neck. Pretty amazing. This “eat less, exercise more” thing actually works! This is the longest I’ve stuck with any program, and it’s largely because I don’t view it as a “program.” It’s just “what I’m doing now.”

It’s amazing how simple and do-able “eat less, exercise more” can be when you change how you look at it. I’m enjoying running, and I’m not denying myself any foods, just watching overall caloric intake. If I want that brownie, I have to make up for it somewhere by cutting calories elsewhere or getting in a workout. It’s sort of a logistical challenge, which I love.

I’m now the lightest I’ve been in about 20 years, and I’ll soon see the bottom side of 250 for the first time in I can’t even remember how long. It feels great not to be a lump on the sofa (or in the desk chair) any more. I have lost and regained so many times over the years, because eventually I rebel against giving things up. Since I’m not really giving things up this time, I don’t end up craving things and then feeling guilty for breaking the program (leading to more breaks). I just know that, if I want something, I have to want it enough to pay the price. I also let myself have a “cheat day” every once in a while where I go over calories by a few hundred, but then I’m back to watching closely. That also helps to lull my metabolism into a false sense of security. It feels great to be taking care of my body instead of abusing it.

Beyond that, I’ve also been thinking about mortality a bit recently, with the birthdays and death anniversaries of a couple of friends. A college friend would have celebrated his 47th birthday on Friday, and in a couple of weeks we’ll come up on the first anniversary of his death. My childhood best friend would have turned 50 in three weeks, but last month we passed the 30th anniversary of his death (I plan to post more about him on his birthday). Add in the upcoming anniversary of my first son’s birth and death almost 21 years ago, and there’s been a fair bit of melancholy lately.

But I don’t let that get me down for long. There is so much going on in life that it’s easy to shake the funk. My son is a source of endless amazement, and my wife and I will celebrate 26 years of marriage next month. Things are going well, there’s just a lot to keep track of. It’s going to be a busy but exciting few months (or years), and I’m looking forward to it.

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