Scratching it out

I’m thinking that posting each workout as a separate post may be a bit much. I’m going to switch to posting a weekly digest of workouts every Sunday and see how that goes. Let me know if you want to see more or less of it. In the meantime, here’s today’s workout.

It was nice and cold here today, with temps in the teens and wind chill hovering around zero. I got out in the “heat” of the day around 2:30, and set out on my “no bail-outs” 5-mile route. It was a struggle the whole way. Between the cold, the wind, the poor footing, the probable underfueling, and the fact that the contents of my little bottles of Nuun water started crystallizing while I was out there, it was tough. I ended up needing a couple of walk breaks. But I made it. I even tacked on a slight detour on the way back so that I could finish up with 5.25 miles, a new PB!

I think I’m going to need to try some energy gels to halt the bonking if I don’t fuel sufficiently beforehand again, or perhaps just to have them for what are now becoming longer runs. I guess I’ll stop by Fleet Feet this week to pick up a few samples of different products to see what works best.

The race I signed up for yesterday has already sold out all 700 registrations. Glad I got in, but I’m concerned that [a local friend from the Runner’s World forums] probably didn’t even know that registration opened with everything she had going on this weekend. While signing up for the race, I also joined one of the local running clubs, which got me $5 off of the registration cost. Two more races this year, and I’ll be ahead financially on the $12 membership cost, in addition to the other benefits. They’re having their final Winter Series event next Sunday, featuring 4, 10, and 20 mile races. Free for members, $5 for others. I may just try it to see how I do running 4 miles competitively. It’ll be a good trial for the March race.

Next workout post in a week!

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