Slogging through the workout

Today was a day off work, as my wife and I are both civil servants, but she went into the office anyway to catch up on some things that needed to be finished for tomorrow (the joys of being a manager). That meant that I got to stay home with the kid all day and make sure that he did more catching up on school work and preparing for the next tutoring session tomorrow. We follow up with the surgeon and the specialists on Wednesday and will get a read on when he may be able to return to school.

Anyway, all of that meant that I didn’t get a chance to run until my wife got back home. I managed to get out around 4:50, right before sunset. The temperature had dropped from the high of 37 down to 27 (and it got to 23 by the time I finished) with really blustery winds. It was not pleasant weather, and I felt crappy the whole run as well. I gutted my way through it and pushed as much as I could, so at least I can claim a moral victory. 3.09 miles in 40:44 for a 13:10 pace. Really not what I was hoping for, but I’ll take it.

I’m taking the day off work tomorrow to stay home with my son again, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get in a hoped-for XT workout or if it’ll end up being a rest day. We’ll see how it goes. Can’t wait for my mother-in-law to get back from her trip home so that she can monitor the kid during the day and my wife and I can both go in to work.

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