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Well, I didn’t get that fundraising campaign launch post up yet, but I hope to get it going this week. Kind of slow most of the week on the running front, too, but with a big finish.

Monday, 2/3:

Well-earned SRD [Scheduled Rest Day] here. Tomorrow I want to at least walk or take a light jog, since we’re supposed to get 4-6 inches on Wednesday. We’ll see how it goes.

Tuesday, 2/4:

The HMRCC got the final results from the 7K on Sunday posted today (even though they misspelled my last name). I finished 125 out of 130, 61/62 men, 20/20 men 40-49 (the guy I beat was 24). The 80-year-old runner beat me by about 4 minutes, the 9-year-old runner beat me by about 7.5 minutes, but that’s fine. I finished, I finished strong, and I’ll be back and even better next time. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Today, I still didn’t feel 100 percent coming back from the weekend, so I decided to do an easy “no tech” run with no goals and no set distance. Well, I did have my phone in my pocket so that I could figure out how the run went and to leave a RoadID app eCrumb for my wife to follow my location, but no headphones, no music, no periodic pace updates. I was in such a rush to get out the door that I really didn’t pay enough attention to hydration, fueling, or stretching. D’oh! At least I brought a bottle of water and Nuun and a gel packet with me. Better late fueling than never. I got in around 2.25 miles at a 13:39 pace, so I’m not disappointed. I’m just glad that I got something in.

Tomorrow promises to be just a lot of shoveling, er, I mean “Northeast Cross-Training.” The last I heard, we were supposed to get 9-12 inches here. Should make the commute fun.

Wednesday, 2/5:

No running today, but between this morning and this evening, I’ve gotten in about 2 hours of “Northeast Cardio” so far. I’m just hoping that there’s not enough additional accumulation to make me have to go out and shovel again.

Thursday, 2/6:

I’m still a bit stiff and sore from the shoveling yesterday. Combine that with a busy day at work and family stuff in the evening, and today turned into a URD [Unscheduled Rest Day], even though I wanted to get out. Here’s hoping I can get 3 miles or so in tomorrow night.

Saturday, 2/8:

After being a lump again last night, I knew that I was approaching a danger point again. I needed to get out for a good run today. After some errands this morning, I got out around 1:30, as it was starting to warm up a bit. I went out with the intention of doing five or more miles with no music, but I wasn’t really feeling it when I started. On top of that, the GPS on my phone went completely wacky and I really couldn’t be sure how far I had gone or the pace I was running at. I considered taking the bail-out point at the one-mile mark and do a longer run tomorrow, but since I was starting to feel a little better I decided to forge on. While there were a few points where I considered walking (and one spot where I stopped for a few seconds to take a #seenonmyrun photo), I went the whole way non-stop. I even routed my return so that I would guarantee my longest run to date. I ended up running 5.45 miles (PB by a couple of tenths) in about 71 minutes! I will definitely take that.

I want to try to get in a short run of 2-3 miles tomorrow if family permits. We’ll see whether or not I can make it happen.

Sunday, 2/9:

After about five and a half yesterday, I wanted to do a shorter, easy run today. Partly to at least hit 10 miles this week despite a lot of couch potatoing and partly just to stretch my legs out a little. I planned on just going out and doing about 2-3 miles with no music but with RunKeeper giving me distance and pace updates every half-mile. My phone’s GPS started screwing up almost immediately, rendering the time and pace worthless again, so I turned the volume down and just ran without worrying about pace. I figured I was going at a decent pace, but when I got home and figured out the mileage, it turns out that I did 2.5 miles at about a 12:00 pace. For me, that’s pretty fast. Between a 12:00 pace today for 2.5 and a 13:00 pace yesterday for 5.45, I think that I may have to run without music or RunKeeper updates more often! I’ll have to see how things go mid-week, when I’ll probably actually try to push the pace a bit.

So with Saturday’s performance, I’m definitely not concerned about being able to finish the 10K race. Now I just need to come up with a realistic goal pace and set my target time. I’m thinking more and more about the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November. Help me! I think I’ve caught the sickness! 😉

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