Another 15 Minutes

I always thought that my time with MousePlanet was my 15 minutes of fame, especially the #1 search ranking on Google and other search engines for my story on the press event with Michelle Obama that was syndicated through USA Today. As it turns out, as I’ve turned my sights to a new passion, I’m getting another 15 minutes there.

I was asked by Jennifer Van Allen, special projects editor at Runner’s World, to respond to an email interview for use on the magazine’s website. The story went up yesterday, and so I am now featured on the site’s How Running Changed Me column for Newbie Week.

I really don’t feel like my story is all that special; I’m just one of so many thousands of people trying to get fit. But Runner’s World apparently liked my story enough to give me another outlet for my writing in hopes of inspiring more people to get fit. That’s a good enough goal for me. I would love to have my story help other people commit to getting themselves in better shape.

So I’ll post the same challenge here that I did on the Facebook links to the story and on the comments thread in the article itself:

For those who were inspired, let’s not lose that. Let’s make a deal. Set yourself a stretch fitness goal to accomplish by the end of the year. It doesn’t matter what it is, it should just be a stretch goal for you. It could be running an ultramarathon or walking for a mile without stopping. It could be sticking to portion control, or swimming, or biking, or anything else. At the end of the year, come on back and let me know how you did. If you want, feel free to friend me (if you haven’t already). I generally accept all comers except for spammers or abusive folks.

If you’d like to help me celebrate my 50th birthday next month, I’d humbly request that you consider a charitable donation to my March of Dimes New York campaign linked at the end of the article. If it wasn’t for March of Dimes, my son would not be here. I’ve committed to the organization to help raise money to help the next generation of preemies have a better chance to make it. Thanks for your consideration!

If you’re willing to take the challenge, post in the comments here and I’ll check in with you later in the year to see how you’re doing!

A big thank you to everyone who has supported me in this fitness journey, especially my wife and son. I couldn’t have come this far without everyone’s support and encouragement!

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