Wait, isn’t it time for the March of Dimes walk already?

(NOTE 4/28/14: Updated with the correct link to my fundraising page. Oops!)

Hey Mark, don’t you usually start fundraising for the March of Dimes in, like, February?

I usually try to get the campaign rolling by early March at the latest.

So what happened? Why haven’t you posted anything?

Well, life got really busy. I got my page updated, sent out a couple of tweets and updated my Facebook page, and I even managed to post in a couple of Facebook groups, but I never got my usual onslaught of posts and emails out. Some of you folks have already donated generously, and I thank you, but I’m making sure that everyone can see this message in case they want to point anyone else to it.

So when IS the walk?

Um, actually, it’s tomorrow, but I’m extending my fundraising period because I started so late, and because of the theme of my campaign this year.

Your campaign has a theme?

Yep. This year, I’m going many steps further than in the past. Instead of just walking 3 miles for the cause, I’m celebrating my 50th birthday by dedicating a series of races to the March of Dimes. Now that I’ve gotten in shape, I’ll be running a number of races in early May: the runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge 5K, the Fleet Feet Sports 10K Classic, the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge (3.5 miles), and possibly the SPAC Rock + Run 10K. For those keeping track, that would be a total of 19 miles of racing in just over two weeks (plus the 3-mile walk)! Want to help me celebrate turning 50 by donating per mile? That would be awesome!

Wow, that’s a lot of miles! Are you really running all of that?

Yep. I’ve lost a lot of weight (over 50 pounds), and was even featured on RunnersWorld.com’s Newbie Week. Even the last time I weighed as much as I do now, about three decades ago, I couldn’t run like this. That’s why I decided to celebrate like this. And if I can help the March of Dimes by doing it, that would be even better.

You know, you’ve been raising money for March of Dimes for what, almost a decade? Has it made any difference?

Yes, this is Year 9 for my fundraising. There have been a number of breakthroughs in that time. Most notably to me, they’ve found a cause for Retinopathy of Prematurity, which compromised my son’s vision. The money that we’ve raised already will help so many of the tiniest kids have a better chance to see. Who knows what breakthrough will be next? We’ve got to keep it going!

OK, you’ve convinced me. How do I donate?

You can go to my fundraising page and donate there. If you want a refresher on why I walk, that’s there too! Online donations are secure and easy (and you can print a receipt for tax purposes as well). If you prefer to donate by check, you can click “pledge” instead of “donate,” and you’ll get a message on where to send the check.

Thanks! I can’t wait to send all of my money to March of Dimes!

Wait, what? Send all of your money? Have you really thought this through?

Haha! Gotcha!

Damn. I was hoping that you would break the bank, boost my total, and help lots of kids. But honestly, I appreciate anything that you can spare, and the preemies yet to be born and their families appreciate it as well.


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