Nowhere Special

Jim: Where you goin’?
Bart: Oh, nowhere special.
Jim: Nowhere special. Always wanted to go there.

(from the Mel Brooks classic, Blazing Saddles)

Yep. Nowhere special. That’s what this place is. It’s just a place for my ramblings and whatever else I decide to throw out here. My old business web site ( is gone, along with the business, I can’t really experiment safely¬†at when I don’t know what I’m doing, and I felt a little lost without a web site of my own to play with, so here I am. I finally seem to have found a coherent strategy for putting stuff out here, and now I’m working on consistency. Thanks for bearing with me.

In the meantime, you can check out where the bulk of my non-day-job, non-family work takes place by checking out the links below:

MousePlanet’s weekly Walt Disney World Update
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You can also check out my latest non-MousePlanet Tweets in the right sidebar.


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