It’s time again, and I’m going even further

As of this posting, there are 62 days until this year’s March of Dimes March for Babies.

This is my ninth year raising money for March of Dimes. In that time, they’ve found a cause for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), which compromised my son’s vision. If the levels of oxygen provided to the tiny preemies are too high, it can lead to ROP. The level can be lowered safely without harming the baby’s viability without causing ROP. There may be other causes as well, but this appears to be a primary culprit that is readily correctable. That’s tangible proof that your donations DO make a difference! The money that we’ve already raised will help so many of the tiniest kids have a better chance to see without issues. Who knows what breakthrough will be next?

This year, I’m going many, many steps further than in the past. Instead of just walking 3 miles for the cause, I’m also dedicating a series of races to the March of Dimes. Now that I’ve gotten in shape (and to celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday), I’ll be running a number of races in early May: the runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge 5K, the Fleet Feet Sports 10K Classic, the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge (3.5 miles), and possibly the SPAC Rock + Run 10K. For those keeping track, that would be a total of 19 miles of racing in just over two weeks (plus the 3-mile March for Babies walk)! Want to donate per mile? That would be awesome!

You can follow my fitness efforts here on the blog, if you’d like. I also post my workouts on Facebook and Twitter if you’d rather track my progress there. It’s going to be an epic series of race reports in May!

Every year, I am dumbfounded by the support for my effort from my friends, family, co-workers, and my MousePlanet family. I hope that I can count on all of you once again as we give the tiniest babies a better chance at life.

Every dollar counts. Please give generously.

As always, thank you so much for your support.

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In training again

This week I started my 10K training program, organized through my local Fleet Feet store. The Fleet Feet Distance Project: Faster/Farther program has a goal race of a 10K on May 11. This week saw our first two group workouts, as well as the first session of the related optional weight training class.

I discovered a few things this week, including the fact that the afternoon is apparently my best time to go running, that I’m not sure yet when the optimal time for weight training is, and that I’m really starting to get “real runner” impulses.

Tuesday, 2/18:

Second consecutive SRD [Scheduled Rest Day] here. Tomorrow is the first workout of the 10K program, followed by weight training, so I’m hoping that my system will have performed a complete reset and I’ll be able to run the way I was going about a week or so ago rather than how I’ve been the last week. Here we gooooo!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 2/19:

Tonight was the kickoff of the spring Fleet Feet Distance Project Faster Farther program, with a 10K goal race on May 11. After some introductions and discussion, we headed out for about 2.5 miles just to get started. After sitting around for 20 minutes or so, all of the stretching and warming up that I did had vanished and it took a while to shake things out. Also discovered a short way in that I should have taken my asthma inhaler before we started. Either that, or I shouldn’t have tried to keep up with the running pack at the start. They took off at a faster pace than I was ready for without warmup. Even with the walking, I had a 12:33 pace for the run, so that’s pretty good.

After the run, I had about a half-hour to change, get a little nutrition in, and get set for weight training. Wow, my butt got kicked tonight. It really didn’t have anything to do with it coming right after the run, either. Most of this was upper body, and I was just pushing it as much as I could. Many of the exercises would have been easier if I didn’t weigh so much, but that’s part of why I’m doing this in the first place, so….

All told, a great workout that wiped me out. We’ll see how I do next week. Meanwhile, our training plan has me running 25 minutes either tomorrow or Friday, a 4 mile group run on Saturday morning, and another 25 minute run on Sunday. I also have to fit in another day of weight training on my own between now and next Wednesday to do my “homework.”

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….

Thursday, 2/20:

After the beating I took from the weight training last night, I was in fairly rough shape this morning. The program’s training plan had me doing a 25-minute run either tonight or tomorrow night. Since I’m not sure whether or not we’ll be doing a family thing tomorrow night, I decided to run tonight. With the rain coming down and my wife working late, I decided to hit the dreadmill since it was a short run. I was determined to push the pace a bit despite last night’s workouts, and I ended up doing an average 11:17 pace for a total of 2.2 miles. That’s actually a PB [Personal Best] for pace for me! According to RunKeeper [my run tracking app on my phone], my average pace for the week is under 12:00, and my average pace for the month is under 13:00, both current PBs as well. And after this weekend, I’ll have a PB for mileage in a month with a couple of scheduled runs left. Nice!

In thinking back about last night, and after some comments on a Facebook post on my timeline by a personal trainer friend and a marathoner friend, I’m seriously considering seeing if I can switch to the Friday weight training class so that I’m not stacking the workouts on Wednesdays. It’ll mean running on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays on the program, with weight training on Fridays and either Mondays or Tuesdays (for “homework”). Anyone here with experience on intense half-hour weight training following running workouts? Our Wednesday group workouts will include tempo, interval, and track workouts, so I expect them to be fairly intense themselves.

Following some helpful comments by others on the thread:

Thanks for your input, everyone. Between that, feedback from Facebook friends (including a marathoner and a personal trainer) and IRL feedback, I think I’m going to stick with Wednesdays for one more week and see how I feel before I decide on whether or not to try to switch to Fridays. According to the schedule, it looks like Wednesday will be a speed workout of “tennis court loops,” which if I measure correctly would mean about 1K repeats [a repeated series of shorter runs, with short rests between each run].

Some more details in case it amplifies or changes your recommendations:

  • Strength workouts are scheduled for either Wednesdays or Fridays at 7:30 p.m.
  • Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. we have either intervals [runs broken into fast and slow segments], tempo [runs at a faster pace], hills, or other “specialty” runs
  • Saturdays at 8:00 a.m. are long slow runs
  • The strength workouts are 30 minutes or so
  • This week’s workout featured timed sets (20-30 seconds/set) rather than by rep counts
  • The workout was split squats, barbell rows, dumbbell rows, front squats, jump squats, pushups, and long-lever planks, grouped two or three exercises per circuit
  • There’s also “homework” for the strength training to do another workout the same as the group class during the week, so I still have that to do for this week. I’ll probably do that Monday night.
  • For those that can’t remember exactly, I’ve been running for about 7 months

Thanks again! It’s great to have experienced input in addition to my thoughts when weighing this decision.

Saturday, 2/22:

Yesterday was an SRD, complete with family Italian dinner out that put me way over my calories for the day. Today, we had our group long run on the schedule for this morning at 8:00. I’m usually just crawling out of bed at that point. We had 4 miles planned, but the walkways at the state university campus were still very slippery, so we skipped the tennis court loop and just did a perimeter loop on the roadways for about 3.2 miles. It was probably in the low to mid-30s out. I felt crappy the whole way, but finished with a 12:29 pace despite having to stop and walk when drinking. I think next time I need to be more careful about how hard I push staying with the people in front of me if it’s above my usual pace. Especially when we get to the quarter-mile, 4.4 percent grade hill.

We got back to our cars and I had a flat tire, so I got to sit around for an hour waiting for AAA to show up. There was a fairly large self-tapping screw in the tire. They patched it up (additional $20 charge) and I got to go home. I guess it’s a sign that I’m really a runner that this afternoon when I had a meal in me and the temperature got up over 50, my brain and body said “Hey, it’s much nicer out now and we’re feeling better. Let’s go running again! I bet it’ll be better than this morning!” Of course, I smacked my body down and told it that we’d run again tomorrow, when I’m scheduled for another half-hour easy run. It’s supposed to get up to 41 tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes….

Later Saturday afternoon, when the weather got really nice and the temperature got up over 50 degrees, I almost went out for another run because it was so nice and I felt so much better; I wanted to get the bad run out of my head. When did that happen?

Sunday, 2/23:

The program schedule had me running for 25 minutes today, but since we had to cut yesterday short due to road conditions, I added 10 minutes today. After all of the struggling yesterday, today was great! On yesterday’s 3.2 mile run at 8 a.m., I had to slow to a walk 3-4 times, and went through a whole bottle of water. On today’s 2.9 mile run at 3:20 p.m., I ran without stopping and didn’t even bring water with me. Yesterday, 12:29 pace. Today, 12:08 pace. I hate mornings. Running in the afternoon is great.

Tomorrow night will be my weight training “homework”, with a SRD on Tuesday. Wednesday’s group workout will be 1KM repeats, followed by a second try at weight training right after the group workout. If I’m still not happy, I’ll see if I can switch weight training to Friday starting next week.

I’m also starting to do some research into nutrition for runners. I’m trying to process everything that I’m reading so that I can put together a plan for better fueling and better all-around eating. I’ve got a couple of books by Nancy Clark, a noted sports dietician, that were recommended by multiple people, and I’m working my way through them. I’m also trying to experiment with getting a little outside my usual restricted comfort zone with foods and try healthy stuff that I usually wouldn’t want to touch. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, I Keep Moving Forward.

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Tough, snowy week

The snow has been just ridiculous this winter. Actually, it’s kind of like the winters that we used to get before global warming got so bad. In any case, the shoveling has gotten the better of me and I’ve been stiff and sore, which has affected my running.

From Monday, 2/10:

SRD here, after two weekend runs, but I felt like I should’ve worked out anyway. I know that I need off-days, but considering the URDs that I take, maybe the next time I get this feeling I should go ahead and work out anyway, whether running or XT or even walking. If my body feels up to working three days in a row, it probably is trying to tell me something.

In the meantime, Disney has announced the date that registration opens for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, and it’s sooner than I expected–March 4. That means that I have less than four weeks to decide if I’m going to be up to running a half marathon this fall. I may need to take a leap of faith here.

In other news, when I weighed myself this morning I was under 240 pounds for the first time in decades. I have a feeling that I’ll pop up tomorrow between the SRD and going over calories for the day, but once I go under, I know that I can do it again. So 40 more pounds to make target, even though it’ll take me more than the originally planned 14 months. As I’ve told myself, it doesn’t matter if I’m under 200 pounds before I turn 50, as long as I both get under 200 pounds and turn 50. Onward!

Wednesday, 2/12:

After a couple of slug-like days here, I could feel the resistance to working out starting to creep in again. Even though I stopped by the local Fleet Feet store for a mobility evaluation prior to signing up for the weight training class that they host in conjunction with their 10K program, I knew I had to hit the road tonight because the next round of snowmageddon will keep me from running outside tomorrow.

I wanted to do a short set of intervals (short due to the cold), but my iPhone’s GPS still isn’t playing nice. Since it couldn’t give me quarter-mile intervals, I ended up doing ad hoc fartleks with no clue as to how fast the “sprints” were. Recovery segments varied from walk to quick jog. Based on the overall pace (12:03), the sprints must have been pretty fast, at least for me. I’ll take it. Total distance (2.22 miles) had to be calculated after the run. I really need to do something about the iPhone’s GPS function. It may be time for a trip to the Apple store, and if that doesn’t work then order a Garmin or something.

In other news, in addition to signing up for the weight training sessions (which will be on Wednesday nights following the 10K group workout), I also signed up for the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge (formerly other names, originally the Manny Hanny [Manufacturers Hanover] Corporate Challenge). I walked the race for a couple of years, maybe 7-8 years ago. I’m looking forward to having an easy time running the whole 3.5 miles this year as part of my early-May post-birthday race barrage, and will probably target a time under 38:00.

They’ve also announced the registration dates for the two half marathons that I was considering for the fall. Registration for the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon (10/12) opens March 1, and the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon opens on March 4. That gives me almost a month less to think about whether or not I’ll be ready to run them this year. I figured I’d have until the end of March, but since both races sell out quickly I’m going to have to decide after only a couple of weeks in the 10K program. Tough decision!

Thursday, 2/13:

70 minutes of “Great Northeast Cross-Training.” Would’ve been probably at least three times as long without the great assist from the next-door neighbor and his plow-blade-enhanced ATV. Not enough sleep last night, feeling exhausted and hard to concentrate tonight. Looking forward to sleeping a little later (I hope) tomorrow since the kid’s school is already on a two-hour delay so I won’t have to be up at the crack of dawn to shovel whatever falls tonight. Figuring that I’ll have to try to work in some treadmill tomorrow night.

Friday, 2/14:

Another 70 minutes of shoveling…er…cross-training this morning. I wanted to put in some time on the treadmill this evening, but I think I may have done something to my shoulder and back while shoveling, so I took another night off. I want to try to get a long run in this weekend, but I’m torn between going in the snow tomorrow (we’re supposed to get another inch during the day) or in the freezing cold on Sunday (near-zero wind chills again). I suppose I could go during the day on Monday, but that would throw my weekly totals way off. Also, I would prefer to have two days with less activity between my long run and the first group workout for the 10K program next Wednesday. I guess we’ll have to see how things work out.

Saturday, 2/15:

I was still stiff and sore from shoveling, and I really didn’t feel like going out, but since the wind chills are going to be near or below zero all day tomorrow and I’ve had too many no-run days due to the snow, I forced myself out the door. While I really enjoy running with my music, I’m finding that it’s nice running without it as well. I wasn’t really feeling it, but I managed to do 2.83 miles at a 13:17 pace. With the cold and the fact that I was having trouble moving in the first place, I’ll take that. I’ll probably still try to get out despite the cold tomorrow, or at least face the Dreadmill, since I’m still way below mileage for the week and we’re starting 10K training on Wednesday.

Sunday, 2/16:

I’m still feeling stiff and sore from all of the shoveling, so I decided to skip a long run this weekend and just put in another easy one today. I did 3.25 miles at a 13:21 pace. I went out a little fast, with a good portion of the first half-mile at a sub-11:00 pace, so I slowed it down a bit. The soreness wore me down, though, so I slowed to a walk at a couple of points while drinking some water and Nuun. I had originally considered throwing in another short loop at the end to bring it up to around 4 miles, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Of course, I was able to bring home the last tenth of a mile at a sub-12:00 pace. I’m still a bit sore, so I think I’m going to take the next couple of days off before the 10K program kicks off on Wednesday. I may run over to the Y for some XT or I may just do complete rest. Wednesday we’re doing 3 miles, followed by some of us in the group doing a weight training class. We’re doing 4 miles on Saturday, and we’ve got two short easy runs to fit in there as well. I’m glad that we’re finally kicking this off!

So now it’s time to focus on the task at hand, and get ready to start that 10 program.

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Off and On

Well, I didn’t get that fundraising campaign launch post up yet, but I hope to get it going this week. Kind of slow most of the week on the running front, too, but with a big finish.

Monday, 2/3:

Well-earned SRD [Scheduled Rest Day] here. Tomorrow I want to at least walk or take a light jog, since we’re supposed to get 4-6 inches on Wednesday. We’ll see how it goes.

Tuesday, 2/4:

The HMRCC got the final results from the 7K on Sunday posted today (even though they misspelled my last name). I finished 125 out of 130, 61/62 men, 20/20 men 40-49 (the guy I beat was 24). The 80-year-old runner beat me by about 4 minutes, the 9-year-old runner beat me by about 7.5 minutes, but that’s fine. I finished, I finished strong, and I’ll be back and even better next time. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Today, I still didn’t feel 100 percent coming back from the weekend, so I decided to do an easy “no tech” run with no goals and no set distance. Well, I did have my phone in my pocket so that I could figure out how the run went and to leave a RoadID app eCrumb for my wife to follow my location, but no headphones, no music, no periodic pace updates. I was in such a rush to get out the door that I really didn’t pay enough attention to hydration, fueling, or stretching. D’oh! At least I brought a bottle of water and Nuun and a gel packet with me. Better late fueling than never. I got in around 2.25 miles at a 13:39 pace, so I’m not disappointed. I’m just glad that I got something in.

Tomorrow promises to be just a lot of shoveling, er, I mean “Northeast Cross-Training.” The last I heard, we were supposed to get 9-12 inches here. Should make the commute fun.

Wednesday, 2/5:

No running today, but between this morning and this evening, I’ve gotten in about 2 hours of “Northeast Cardio” so far. I’m just hoping that there’s not enough additional accumulation to make me have to go out and shovel again.

Thursday, 2/6:

I’m still a bit stiff and sore from the shoveling yesterday. Combine that with a busy day at work and family stuff in the evening, and today turned into a URD [Unscheduled Rest Day], even though I wanted to get out. Here’s hoping I can get 3 miles or so in tomorrow night.

Saturday, 2/8:

After being a lump again last night, I knew that I was approaching a danger point again. I needed to get out for a good run today. After some errands this morning, I got out around 1:30, as it was starting to warm up a bit. I went out with the intention of doing five or more miles with no music, but I wasn’t really feeling it when I started. On top of that, the GPS on my phone went completely wacky and I really couldn’t be sure how far I had gone or the pace I was running at. I considered taking the bail-out point at the one-mile mark and do a longer run tomorrow, but since I was starting to feel a little better I decided to forge on. While there were a few points where I considered walking (and one spot where I stopped for a few seconds to take a #seenonmyrun photo), I went the whole way non-stop. I even routed my return so that I would guarantee my longest run to date. I ended up running 5.45 miles (PB by a couple of tenths) in about 71 minutes! I will definitely take that.

I want to try to get in a short run of 2-3 miles tomorrow if family permits. We’ll see whether or not I can make it happen.

Sunday, 2/9:

After about five and a half yesterday, I wanted to do a shorter, easy run today. Partly to at least hit 10 miles this week despite a lot of couch potatoing and partly just to stretch my legs out a little. I planned on just going out and doing about 2-3 miles with no music but with RunKeeper giving me distance and pace updates every half-mile. My phone’s GPS started screwing up almost immediately, rendering the time and pace worthless again, so I turned the volume down and just ran without worrying about pace. I figured I was going at a decent pace, but when I got home and figured out the mileage, it turns out that I did 2.5 miles at about a 12:00 pace. For me, that’s pretty fast. Between a 12:00 pace today for 2.5 and a 13:00 pace yesterday for 5.45, I think that I may have to run without music or RunKeeper updates more often! I’ll have to see how things go mid-week, when I’ll probably actually try to push the pace a bit.

So with Saturday’s performance, I’m definitely not concerned about being able to finish the 10K race. Now I just need to come up with a realistic goal pace and set my target time. I’m thinking more and more about the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November. Help me! I think I’ve caught the sickness! 😉

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Going Long

It looks like—when I shifted to weekly fitness summaries—I completely lost momentum. At least I’m only a day late. Circumstances kept me from getting in much mileage during the week, so I decided to load up over the weekend. Here we go:

Monday, 1/27:

SRD [Scheduled Rest Day] here today. Between the kid finally going back to school after 5+ weeks, more fun transition at work, and my wife needing to stay late at work to prep for a major presentation tomorrow, there was just no way that I was going to be able to get a run in. It would be so much easier if I were a morning person, but I’m not. And the way sound carries in this house, I can’t run on the treadmill after folks go to sleep. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get in some treadmill time. I’m not going out in that cold for a shorter run.

So today I went to add my March race to RunKeeper. When I finally got it set up (after some intervention by RunKeeper support), I saw the elevation profile for the race. There’s a nice 1000-foot 2.3% hill in the last half-mile that is going to be quite unwelcome. I hope I can leave enough in the tank to attack that.

Tuesday, 1/28:

After work, I headed to the local Fleet Feet store for a Winter Education Series presentation on Preventing Five Common Running Injuries. Interesting info, but not enough new to make it feel like it was worth the 90 minutes. Too much promotion for the presenter’s training business. Between the fact that things were a bit hectic when I walked into the house and a renewed twinge in my left soleus, I decided to take a URD. Being a slug again. Definitely need to work out tomorrow night, though. Wind chill should be above 0, even late into the evening, so I should even be able to run outside.

Wednesday, 1/29:

I had to get out and run today. My inner voice was telling me to take another URD [Unscheduled Rest Day] because I was so tired, but I knew that I was approaching the inflection point of inertia keeping me off of the road rather than on it. I psyched myself up, had a quick bit of fueling, and headed out. My original plan was 2-3 miles, depending on how I felt. The first mile was a little tough, but then I got it into gear. I probably could have gone over 3 miles, but as I approached the 2-mile mark I noticed that my toes were going numb. I decided to cut it short and not do another lap around the neighborhood. I ended up with about 2.25 miles. I actually managed a great sprint at the end. Unfortunately, due to a mishap with my iPhone and my tech gloves, RunKeeper totally lost its place and the pace for that last quarter-mile will never be known. My best guess is I probably pulled it out at maybe an 8-9 minute pace, which is a great sign for my training moving forward. If all goes well, I’m going to try to get some XT in tomorrow.

Thursday, 1/30:

I actually got to the gym today for my first XT in over a week. Did a half-hour of lower-body strength work, which felt good. I considered staying and doing another half-hour of upper body work, but decided that I wanted to give my shoulder another few days before doing that. Hoping to get in some miles tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. Life has been very unpredictable lately.

Saturday, 2/1:

URD yesterday for a priority check. Long day at work, wife and son wanted to go out to dinner, so no run.

Today was the start of my first back-to-back long runs (for me). This morning my run went pretty much as planned–an easy 4 miles with a fast finish (again, for me). I actually did 4.28, holding down a 13-14 minute pace the whole way (but with negative splits [each mile faster than the previous one]), then finished with the last tenth of a mile in about a 10:00 pace.

Tomorrow, I’m running Race #5 in the HMRRC Winter Series Races, my first outing with the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club. Race #5 is actually three races, at 4, 10, and 20 miles. It was kind of a late decision to run it, but it’s free for members so I’m treating it like a group training run. If my legs feel all right, I’ll probably push my pace a bit and see if I can get in close to a 12:30 pace or so.

Sunday, 2/2 (Super Bowl Sunday):

Today was the second half of my first back-to-back long run weekend. After yesterday’s 4.28, I was looking forward to the 4-miler with the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club. When I got there, I (along with many others) was surprised to find that it was actually 4.34 miles, an officially measured 7K course. OK, then. Let’s do it! (I think that the 10-miler and 20-miler were actually level miles and not adapted from KM measurements.) The race took place on the walkways and roadways of the local state university, as well as the perimeter roads of the adjacent state government office campus.

The start had the 4-mile and 20-mile runners starting at the same spot, with the 10-milers starting a little further back. The 10-mile race was part of the Grand Prix series, so all of the competitive runners were there. We all had to stay to the right for the first loop of the course to allow the faster 10-mile runners to pass on the left. After we did a loop around the field and tennis courts, we passed the start and headed up toward the edge of school campus near the office campus. By the time that I hit the office campus perimeter road, there weren’t many people still near me. Then the longer-distance runners started lapping me. I kind of had mixed feelings about that. I had company, but they were all leaving me in the dust. What made it harder was that my phone’s GPS was completely haywire, telling me that I had gone about 2-4 times further than I had actually gone. If I could’ve shut the audio cues down without also shutting down my music, I would’ve done it.

As I got around the far side of the office campus and started heading back, I was starting to fade a bit. I continued my fueling experiment and grabbed my vanilla Clif Shot. It took a couple of minutes to kick in, but it kept me going through the end, and I was even able to sprint down the final hill and more or less keep pace with one of the first 10-mile finishers. Gun (air horn) time was 55:06, for a 12:42 pace. Considering that I ran 4.28 yesterday, I will certainly take that. It’s even faster than my 5K race PR pace.

Final weekend total, 8.62 miles. Total time, 1:52:41. Net weekend pace, 13:04. I will definitely take that. Now to get set to watch the game and eat many of the things.

And in response to a later post about Sunday:

I think the weirdest thing was coming down the home stretch and just barely holding off Josh Merlis of Albany Running Exchange and AREEP, even though he ran more than twice as far as I did. I heard him closing behind me and just wanted to get across the line first. He finished third in the 10-miler. I’m still waiting for them to post the results of the 7K.

The closing sprint is making question my last short walk break to catch my breath before the finish. Still, it was a great race and I’m happy with my performance. (Especially since it was a third of a mile longer than I expected it to be!)

On another note, I’ll have a dedicated post to kick off this year’s March of Dimes fundraising campaign, but here’s the link if you want to get a head start on other donors. In addition to the usual walk, I’m also going to dedicate my May races to fundraising. It’s going to be a busy month to celebrate my turning 50!

  • May 3 — runDisney Expedition Everest Challenge 5K (obstacle course + scavenger hunt)
  • May 11 — Fleet Feet Sports 10K Classic (my 10K goal race!)
  • May 15 — CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge (3.5 miles — I’ve only walked it before)
  • May 18 — SPAC Rock + Run 10K (this one is still tentative, but it really looks like a cool race)

Think fit thoughts, everyone!

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