The Makena Controversy

This page is a summary, from the beginning to the present, of my response to the Makena controversy. It’s been an interesting experience having an influence on how a national organization handles a crisis, and I’m hoping that the process to make Makena (or 17P) available to all at-risk mothers continues successfully.

Makena controversy makin’ me think twice

The March of Dimes saved my son’s life. There is no debate about that. If it weren’t for decadron, surfactant, and other medications, therapies and treatments whose development was supported and championed by the March of Dimes, The Kid … Continue reading

Can the March of Dimes win back our trust after the Makena debacle?

I’ve already written about the Makena controversy and why it has made me question my support of the March of Dimes. I’m still not convinced that I should trust them again. They effectively supported a process that got FDA … Continue reading

March of Dimes knows it messed up, and is trying to earn our trust back

After my last blog post on the subject of the Makena controversy, I got an email from Doug Staples, SVP of Strategic Marketing & Communications for March of Dimes, asking if he could try to answer some of my … Continue reading

March of Dimes strengthens stance against Makena pricing; is it enough?

Last night I posted that I was contacted by, and had a productive discussion with, Doug Staples, SVP of Marketing for the March of Dimes. Today, I let him know that a comment under that post showed that although … Continue reading

How did we get where we are with Makena?

Well, my still-nascent blog about life, preemies, and everything is continuing to be hijacked by the Makena controversy and analyzing everyone’s actions since the story broke, so I thought that perhaps it’s time to try again to figure out … Continue reading

I’m way behind, but never fear; I’ll catch up shortly

No, I haven’t suddenly fallen off the face of the earth. I am far behind in posting due to family and work stuff. I know that I’ve missed posting stuff like Rep. Henry Waxman spanking Ther-Rx over Makena pricing, … Continue reading

Forces lining up against Ther-Rx over Makena pricing

Since my last regular post, there’s been a bit of a pressure on KV Pharmaceutical and their Ther-Rx subsidiary, and their pricing of Makena. Forces from the U.S. Congress and the FDA have weighed in, with supportive statements from … Continue reading

Ther-Rx lowers price of Makena, but not enough; March of Dimes cuts ties with company

I was hoping that it wouldn’t come to this, but when it happened I was very pleased to see it unfold the way that it did. Earlier this week, KV Pharmaceutical/Ther-Rx met with the March of Dimes, American College … Continue reading

This is the story so far, but I’m sure that there are more chapters yet to be written. Stay tuned!




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